The Art of Awakening
Yoga = Soma with Katchie Ananda


Sonntag, 14. Juni 2020

9:00 - 13:00 Uhr


Riveryoga, Obere Hauptgasse 78, Thun


CHF 80.00


Katchie Ananda

EVENT ÜBERBLICK The Art of Awakening

Katchie unterrichtet in leicht verständlichem Englisch und Schweizerdeutsch. Und schreibt uns über den Workshop:


Yoga can be approached as an endless effort to perfect the body, or it can be done to liberate the body in order to find a shortcut to Spirit. Come and join Katchie Ananda for a fiesta of the body through yoga, dharma, and soma.


We will use yoga to unlock tension in our innocent little creature body and to delight in our senses. We will use techniques of dharma to deal with emotions, wisely, and to train the mind.


Learn how to become a master weaver of your life’s tapestry with wisdom and grace.

“The Church says: the body is a sin.

Science says: the body is a machine.

Advertising says: The body is a business.

The Body says: I am a fiesta.”


- Eduardo Galeano


MEHR ÜBER The Art of Awakening – Yoga = Soma with Katchie Ananda

Yoga = Soma

Experience the blissful nature of authentic yoga through somatic movement, stories, mudras and mantras.

Katchie Ananda hat verschiedene Yoga Stile wie Jivamukti Yoga, Asthanga Yoga und Anusara Yoga in ihrer Praxis perfektioniert und mit ihrer Praxis der buddhistischen Dharma Lehre kombiniert. Daraus ist eine Unterricht Stil entstanden, mit dem Ziel dem Körper Wohlbefinden zurück zu geben, den Geist zu beruhigen und zu schulen und das Herz zu öffnen. Katchie schreibt dazu:

Why: To remember our true nature and what actually matters. To heal ourselves, our connection to our body, and our planet. To connect with our authentic purpose and make a difference. To live with joy and inner freedom. 

What: yoga, dharma, shamanism 

The yoga is katchie’s own blend of practices, accumulated over 30 years, drawing on anusara, vinyasa yoga and some somatics. The dharma is based on buddhist psychology as taught by katchie’s friend and mentor, jack kornfield. Shamanism is a  practice to tap into the subconscious mind to connect with the sacred mystery of life. 

How: By dedication and service to the student’s evolution and personal edge of transformation. Through skillful use of hatha yoga (asana, pranayama and meditation) savvy technical alignment cues, quirky humor and touching stories, and, by personal attention.


Katchie ist eine international bekannte Yogalehrerin, mit viel Charme und Witz. Sie hat eine ganz authentischen Art zu unterrichten, mit über 25 Jahren Erfahrung im Unterrichten. Und sie ist in der Region Bern/Thun aufgewachsen, deshalb freuen wir uns um so mehr sie wieder bei uns im Riveryoga für eine Master Klasse zu begrüssen!

Bio Katchie Ananda, E-RYT 500

Katchie Ananda is an international yoga and dharma teacher who has been teaching as a full-time yoga teacher since 1991.

She is certified in Integral, Jivamukti, Anusara, and Ashtanga yoga by Richard Freeman. A committed student of Vipassana Meditation, she has practiced with Jack Kornfield, her Buddhist friend and teacher since 2001. The co-founder/director of Yoga Sangha, a beloved yoga center in San Francisco dedicated to yoga and dharma, Katchie offers trainings, retreats and workshops in Europe and the USA, such as at Spirit Rock Meditation Center and Esalen Institute. She often works with authors and activists and is dedicated to raising awareness about human and animal rights, the environment and social justice. Her leadership in yoga and social change prompted Yoga Journal to name her one of five top yoga teachers making change in the world and she volunteered for many years at San Quentin, teaching Yoga and Dharma to long-term inmates. She has brought her humor and stories to conferences, festivals and workshops all over the world and is loved by her students for her authenticity and wisdom. She lives in the USA with her husband Joshua and dog Leelou.


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Datum: Sonntag, 14. Juni 2019

 Zeit: 9:00 - 13:00 Uhr 

Wo: Riveryoga, Obere Hauptgasse 78, Thun

Kosten: CHF 80.00

Weitere Auskunft: 033 557 86 87